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Jessica - NZ School of Dance Scholar programme

We are sooo excited to announce that our amazing G5 ballet student Jessica has been accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance Scholars programme for 2024. This is an amazing achievement by Jessica - whose passion and love for ballet shines onstage and in class.

We are so looking forward to watching Jessica's development and growth as a dancer in 2024 as she attends the NZ School of Dance Scholars weekends. Jessica has been accepted into the Scholars programme starting at Level 2 - again an amazing achievement for an 11 yr old dancer.

Jessica is extremely excited and eagerly looking forward to meeting her tutors - listening and taking onboard their tuition - making wonderful new dance friendships along the way - and enjoying every moment of her dance classes and performances.

Congratulations Jessica - your hard work, dedication and passion shines in every class :)

Jessica being coached by Abigail Boyle on Fairy Doll Variation

TFDA Junior Ballet Championship 2023 - 1st place

Dance friendships are very special - Arabella and Jessica with special awards NP Competition Society 2023


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