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Our Yearly Seminar was fabulous

Our students had a fabulous 'Day of Dance' at our recent yearly seminar - this year we performed Shrek. Our two amazing tutors Ashley and Charli tutored from 10am through to 4.00pm - and the result was an outstanding performance by our dance students at the end of the day for parents and caregivers.

Twelve amazing dance routines were taught over the day and with the help of our narrator Marcia the end performance danced out the story of Shrek - along the way we met Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad, the Three Blind Mice, Pinocchio, the Pied Piper and Dragon. Our soloists were supported by Fairytale Creatures (junior jazz), Skeletons (senior jazz and hip hop), Rats (tap), Duloc townspeople (junior and senior ballet) and Stars in the Night Sky - our gorgeous youngest dancers aged 3 through to 6.

This year we incorporated 'props' (stage terminology for properties used on stage) and our students created - Duloc townspeople masks, Fairytale Creature masks, rats tails, castle skeletons and starry night headbands. A full on day of outstanding creativity for all students involved and they were then used in the end performance.

Our Shrek seminar was an amazing performing opportunity for all our students and it was lovely to watch their enjoyment of their dance routines and see their confidence grow as the day progressed.

We are working now on ideas for 2025 Seminar - watch this space :)

Enjoy the pics that are attached - they were taken during the end performance so not posed pics.

Skeletons in support of Dragon - in the castle

Princess Fiona (Amelie) helping the Pied Piper (Heather) to get her rats tapping into time to the tune.

Pinocchio leading our junior jazz students as Fairytale Creatures in the swamp

Princess Fiona, Shrek (Estelle) with best friend Donkey (Aliana)

Our gorgeous 'Star in the Night Sky' dancers being helped by Fiona and Shrek and senior students

More wonderful twinkling Stars in the Night Sky

Lord F (Briar) in control of junior and senior ballet students as Duloc Townsfolk

Senior ballet students doing a chorusline with Lord F

When Donkey meets Dragon .. and with the aid of a ukelele talks Dragon into falling in love with him....

Along the way Donkey meets the 3 Blind Mice

Princess Fiona - dreaming of meeting her Prince Charming . in tap shoes

Princess Fiona and Shrek - in unison with Donkey pulling the strings in the background

Final pose of the seminar - the finale - the end of a fabulous day of dance for our students :)


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