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Medals Day 2024

Term 2 is always our Medal Test exam session and this year we had Miss Croad as our lovely examiner. All our students thoroughly enjoyed performing their dances - ballet classes as solos and jazz classes in groups. Amazingly enough not one of our lovely students was sick on the day and everyone was able to show off their love of dance and their practise on their medal dances.

Another awesome achievement was our 2 senior students Sian and Sophia sitting their Intermediate Ballet exam. 3 years hard work (with lockdowns and covid interruptions) and both girls thoroughly enjoyed being able to show Miss Croad their Intermediate ballet work. On to Advanced 1 ballet now :)

Holidays are fast approaching - and then term 3 where our lovely students can sit their jazz or ballet grades. Another exciting opportunity to perform in front of a lovely examiner and be acknowledged for their work in class.

We are proud of all our lovely students and their achievements - looking forward to another wonderful term in Term 3.

Sian and Sophia - achieving Intermediate Ballet exam after coping with interruptions from covid and lockdowns.

Jazz girls looking forward to dancing for Miss Croad for their Bronze medal.

and you always have to have fun as well :)

Lovely Grade 1 ballet girls off to dance for their Juvenile medal

and lots of lovely practising :)

More lovely Grade 1 ballet girls ready for Juvenile medal level

and we had to show a pic of our Grade 1 Jazz girls ready to go into to show Miss Croad their monster mash dance :)


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