Meet and Greet with Teachers

We believe in meeting all new students at the studio before their first lesson. Our ‘Meet and Greet’ gives new students the confidence to come into the studio and begin their lessons without any worries or tears. We feel this is particularly important with our younger students aged between 2 and 5, and also with older students who may be shy or anxious. At ‘Meet and Greet’, students meet their dance teacher and are shown around the studio, with particular attention to the studio they will be taught in.

BALLET SHOE HIRAGE: Younger ballet students are also fitted for ballet shoes at this time through our shoe hireage system.

Classes offered ...

Please consult our timetable for additional information - Timetable and Fees are attached to the bottom of this page.

Mini Movers (2yrs)

Our popular Mini movers class for 2 years is now back in our timetable Mondays 9.30-10.00am or Wednesdays 9.30-10.00am. Parents join in with their child for this fun movement class designed specifically for 2 years. Anastasia delights in teaching this class.

Fun Preschool Movement (ages 3 and 4)

A class catered for preschool children to learn all the basic movements in a creative manner. Tutored by either Alison  or her senior students, this class is a great start for girls and boys wishing to learn dance. Skills such as co-ordination, posture, listening, and focus are all taught in a fun environment. An excellent 'fun' introduction to dance classes.

Ballet (ages 5 and up)

Ballet classes start with our 5-year-old Preprimary classes and continue through the full range of ballet grades up to Advanced II. We teach the IDTA Ballet Syllabus, which has recently been updated with beautiful music and the latest teaching techniques. Creative and free expressive movement is a part of the syllabus which allows students to express themselves in class whilst developing musicality.

Jazz (ages 5 and up)

Jazz classes start with our 5-year-old Juvenile Jazz I class and continue through to Advanced II. Students thoroughly enjoy our newly updated NZAMD Jazz Syllabus, which incorporates different styles such as Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and Lyrical.

Hip Hop (ages 9 and up)

Anika creates and teaches our fabulous hip hop classes. We offer classes in 3 age ranges - 9 and under 11 - 11 and under 13 - 13 years and over. Anika constantly choreographs new routines for these classes, and students are offered the opportunity to sit a medal test during the year.

Tap (ages 5 and up)

Our fun tap class is choreographed and taught by Selene, who consistently challenges students with new material in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Students are offered the opportunity to sit team medal tests during the year.


Stretch classes are offered to students as an optional extra to help develop flexibility, while at the same time teaching good techniques for stretching, leaping, and core strength development.

Adult Ballet

Our Adult Ballet class is taught in a relaxed, unpressured environment perfect for beginners to returning students and everyone in between. Adult Ballet is taken by Alison - who constantly tailors her choreography to the  students' abilities. Pointe work is offered in Adult Ballet for those who have developed the necessary technique, but is not a requirement.  Students are also offered the opportunity to sit medal tests during the year.

Preprimary Ballet class (5 yr old ballet) performing their class dance 'Off to the Beach'