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First Dance Comps of the Year

Our students had a great time at the TFDA April Dance Competitions, held last weekend at 4th Wall Theatre. It was a weekend full of fabulous dancing and all of our students had a lot of fun on and off stage, especially our new competition students who performed for the first time.

We are very proud of all our students for their efforts over the weekend, especially Jessica, who won her ballet championship and received two special awards for artistry in ballet; Arabella, who received a special award for the most promising ballet dancer; and Amelie, who received an encouragement award in the senior category. Alison and Selene would also like to congratulate Arabella and Briar, who performed their variations for the first time.

We love watching our students perform on stage - their enjoyment of different dance styles (ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, tap, hip hop, demi and character) shines on stage.

Below are some pictures captured over the weekend:

Jessica after winning the Intermediate Ballet Championship

Demi Character Class: Jessica as Heidi, Arabella as Anne of Green Gables, Abby as Snow White, and Briar as Tigger - always a fun class!

Our fabulous senior student Amelie debuting her new musical theatre, Miss Hannigan from Annie

Jessica and Arabella ready for ballet solos

National Characters: Jessica ready for Russian, Arabella ready for Tarantella, and Briar ready for Mexican

Zelmari dressed as Donkey from Shrek for her new musical theatre

Molly ready to rock with her new hip hop solo

Newbie Isla on stage for her ballet solo

Briar in tap mode for the Tap Championship

Arabella showing off her awesome new costume for her jazz solo

.... And we're always asked if we can take a 'silly photo', so here's what really goes on back stage....

Looking forward to the next dance competition in May!

Thanks for reading,

Alison and Selene


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