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Term 2 at Alison's Studio of Dance

Term 2 is always a busy and rewarding term for our wonderful students and our teachers.

Firstly our amazing competition students competed at 2 dance competitions - Alison's Studio of Dance Restricted/Open Impromptu and Musical Theatre (vocal) and also Coastal Dance Competitions. Our students had a great time at both comps performing on stage where their love of dance shone and also having fun backstage with their dance friends. We are proud of how well our students performed at both comps - achieving Special Awards, Championship Placings and also personal bests with their solos.

The Studio is now working towards our Medal Day for Ballet and Jazz medals and a Community Performance to be held at Centre City Mall July 4. We are looking forward to having Miss Spooner examine for our Medal Day where our ballet and jazz students will perform their solos starting from our 6 yr old ballet girls and progressing thru to our senior jazz students. A wonderful day of dance that Miss Spooner will enjoy watching.

Our performance at Centre City on July 4 involves students from age 5 up through to our seniors and will showcase our wonderful students - there will be performances of ballet - jazz - hip hop and contemporary. An exciting mix of dance styles and a wonderful performing opportunity for all our students to enjoy.

Its been a great term of dance :)

Our lovely Amelie - 2nd Ballet Championship Coastal

Abby - ready to perform her variation for the first time at ARC Comps

Briar and Darnica - the Blues Bro duo is such fun :)

Briar - special awards at ARC comps

Demis are such fund dances - here we have Tigger and Snow White (Briar and Abby)

Aria - second time on stage with ballet solo

Musical Theatre solos are such fun - here is Donkey (Shrek) and Bathing Beauty

Jessica ready for her first performance of Fairy Doll Variation

Amelie and Briar - ready for barefoot solo and Variation solo

Fun times getting ready backstage for ballet solos

Amazing Amelie 3rd Jazz Championship at Coastal Comps

Briar and Arabella - Arabella had just won Briar's new cup at ARC comps :) A very special moment


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