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Love of dance always shines with our Competition students

Our lovely competition students have now finished comps for 2023 - but posting some pics from the last 3 competitions they have participated in. Coastal Comps - TFDA Sept comps - Hawera comps. I would just like to say 'well done' to all our wonderful students whose love of dance shines onstage - along with their support of each other and fellow competitors backstage. Watching our students grow in confidence and self esteem - as well as improving technical dance skills is something we are very proud of as their dance teachers.

Some special mentions:

Amelie 1st in Own Choreography, Entertainment Section

Jessica, Amelie, Arabella, Catriona, Briar awarded 'Special Awards/Scholarships' at TFDA comps

Championship placings achieved by Jessica, Briar, Arabella over the 3 competitions

Jessica being awarded 'Competitor who displays artistry in ballet' at Coastal comps by the adjudicator

Arabella and Jessica awarded 'Most Authentic character costumes' by adjudicators at TFDA and Hawera

A highlight (and a fabulous way to finish off a year of dance comps) was being part of the 100 years Celebration held by Hawera Competitions. Jessica and Briar were thrilled to be asked to part of the Celebration Gala - an absolute honour for them and lovely to have our studio represented after over 30 years involvement with the Hawera Competitions Society.

Finally would like to finish with acknowledging Anneka - who performed for the last time at Hawera comps as she will be leaving for university next year. Its been so wonderful watching her grow as a performer on stage over the years and her absolute love of dance has always shone onstage. We are very proud of her achievements - she is a wonderful role model for our younger students

Alison and Selene :)

Anneka - on left first time performing at Hawera Competitions (barefoot dance Starlight) and on right last time performing in jazz costume

Jessica and Briar who performed their ballet solos at Hawera 100 Yr Celebration Gala

Our lovely younger ballerina comp students :)

Anneka and Amelie all ready for jazz solos :)

Briar - awarded Encouragement Award for Tap TFDA

Our beautiful ballerinas after Ballet Championships at Hawera competitions :)

And finishing off with backstage fun - such wonderful memories and friendships created every year by our fabulous competition students :)


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