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Junior Ballet Exams and Medal Tests

Last week we had Miss Spooner in the studio to examine our Junior Ballet and Medal Test students. Here's a few pictures from our two days our exams:

Adult Ballet before their Medal Test

Teen Hip Hop

Little Jazz Medals

Girls' Hip Hop

Warm ups for Modern Medals

Classical Ballet I

Classical Ballet II girls warm up in Studio B

Estelle and Danica ready to go in for their Modern Medal

Tahlia, Eden, and Felecia ready for Modern Medals

Senior Jazz girls warm up in Studio B

Estelle ready for her ballet exam

Preprimary Ballet ready for their first exam

Tap Team Medal

Amber and Anneka before their Grade 5 ballet exam

Two more of our gorgeous Preprimary Ballet girls

Grade 4 Ballet

Grade 1 Ballet

Grade 3 Ballet (Aliana, Katie, and Charli)

Grade 2 Ballet

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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