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Different Types of Pointe Accessories and what they do - Blog by Ashley Ellen Dance

by Ashley Hodges May 13, 2023

These days, there are a huge variety of pointe accessories that help with a wide range of pointe issues. So there's really no reason as to why dancers should be in pain when en pointe. Here are the different pointe accessories that we offer and what they are used for:

  1. Ouch Pouches: Toe pads are cushioned pads that go over the toes and ball of the foot, providing extra cushioning and protection for the toes. They help to prevent blisters, calluses, and other injuries that can occur during pointe work.

  2. Toe spacers: Toe spacers are designed to help align the toes and prevent them from overlapping or rubbing together. They can also help to relieve pressure on the joints and reduce the risk of common pointe injuries such as bunions that can continue to affect dancers throughout life.

  3. Ribbons and elastic: Ribbons and elastic are used to secure the pointe shoes to the foot. They are typically sewn onto the shoes and tied around the ankle to provide support and prevent the shoes from slipping off during movement.

  4. Jet Glue: Jet Glue is a popular adhesive used by dancers to help extend the life of their pointe shoes. It is a fast-drying, strong adhesive that is specifically designed for use on pointe shoes. Dancers typically apply jet glue to the toe box and shank of the pointe shoe to help reinforce and harden these areas.

  5. Toe Tape: We offer the Bunheads which is used to wrap around individual toes or tape toes together to help prevent blisters and chaffing. Made with latex free glue for sensitive skin which means it doesn't stick to your skin, instead it sticks to itself.

  6. Heel Grippers: Heel grippers help keep your shoes on your heels. Textured surface really holds your foot, while the peel-and-stick backing keeps gripper locked in place. And, by filling in the extra space around your heel, it makes the back of the shoe beautifully smooth, sleek, and free of lines and wrinkles. No Botox required. Especially helpful for dancers with narrow heels.

  7. Charcoal Pouches: Help keep your pointe shoes dry and odour-free with these reusable charcoal pouches. If you are in your shoes day after day, these are the perfect accessory to reset the glue in pointes to keep them stronger for longer.

In summary, pointe work requires a range of accessories to support the feet, prevent injuries, and improve strength and flexibility. At Ashley Ellen Dance, we offer a variety of high-quality pointe accessories to meet the needs of dancers at every level. With the right equipment and technique, dancers can achieve their full potential and express themselves through the beauty of pointe work.


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