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April Competitions!

Our five days of April competitions are done and dusted - well done to everyone, you all danced beautifully! Here are some photos courtesy of Alison, Rebekah, myself, and students' parents.

Sydney and Amelie ready for their Demi Characters: 'Jack the Monkey' and 'Heidi'

First time on stage for our youngest students: Maya, Amber (front), and Peyton

Bella ready for her new jazz solo - well done on your HC Bella!

Estelle and Brooke in their beautiful new tutus made by June Butt of Tutus and Treasures; and well done to Estelle, who was placed Second!

Sahara's gorgeous new Demi Character 'Ladybird'

Amber and Sophia dressed for their new barefoot duo 'Sunlight and Shadow' - a well deserved First place

Anneka ready for her ballet solo in her stunning tutu

Amber dressed for her ballet solo - congratulations on your win Amber!

Aliana dressed for her new National Dance 'Polish Ribbon Festival'; and a well done to her mum for making that lovely headpiece

Three Barefoot solos: Paige as 'Pohutakawa Bloom', Bella as 'Midnight', and Aliana as 'Magnolia Time'

Charlotte's first time on pointe - well done!

A stunning collection of tutus: (Back from left) Danica, Katie, Brooke, Amber (Front from left) Natalie, Sahara, Maya, and Peyton

Amber with her trophy after winning her Restricted Ballet class - good girl!

Hip Hop trio ready to go: Tyla, Cian, and Vicki

Samantha and Becky before their Lyricals

Emily won her Restricted Jazz class first time out with her new Jazz dance 'One Singular Sensation'

Becky and Emily ready for their new Contemporary solos

Anika in a gorgeous new costume for her Lyrical 'Titanium'

Becky in her stunning tutu for her new Spanish pointe dance

A group of lovely Barefoot dancers (Back from left) Bella, Brooke, and Katie (Front from left) Eden, Natalie, and Estelle

Congratulations to Estelle, who got a Third in her Ballet Championship!

Congratulations to Amber, who got Second in her Restricted Jazz Championship

Congratulations also to Anika, who was placed Second in her Contemporary class, and to Samantha, who was placed Third in her pointe class. Unfortunately I don't have pictures...

Well done girls, keep up the good work!

- Selene

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