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Kids Market Performance!

This morning some of our students performed at the Highlands' Intermediate School Kids Market. Both Junior and Senior students performed some of their class dances and combinations for the audience.

Alison was playing the music, but managed to get these pictures from the side!

Grade 4 and 5 Ballet performing their Stage Bronze medal dance

Grade 3 Ballet performing their Sailor's Hornpipe medal dance - Land Ahoy!

Senior student Anika performing the Classical II Ballet variation

Grade 3 Jazz performing their class dance 'M People'

Our Teens Hip Hop class performs

Grade 1 Jazz performing their class dance 'We Will Rock You'

Elementary Jazz performing their new Musical Theatre combination

Grade 4 Jazz dance their Funk Combination

Grade 2 and 3 Jazz combine to dance 'M Bop'

Grade 4 Jazz performing their charleston combination

Elementary Jazz performing their 'Santana' medal dance

The students really enjoyed the performance and we're hoping to do something similar again soon!

- Selene

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