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#Throwback Thursday: Mary Poppins Seminar

This week's #ThrowbackThursday is our 2012 seminar, Mary Poppins. Who's looking forward to our Beauty and the Beast seminar this Sunday? Akaysha and I certainly are!

Bert (Natasha) and Mary Poppins (Yazmin)

Michael (Tresor) and Jane (Enya) decide what kind of nanny they'd like best

Mrs. Brill (Erin), Mrs. Banks (Rebekah), and Ellen (Elly) in 'Sister Suffragette'

Mr. Banks (Alana) surveys his domain in 'The Life I Lead'

Bert (Natasha) and Mary (Yazmin) go for a stroll in 'Jolly Holiday'

Junior Ballet students as Penguins in 'Jolly Holiday'

Preschool students as birds with tutor Jo

Our youngest ballet students as birds in 'Feed the Birds' with the Bird Lady (Selene)

Bert (Natasha) leads the Chimney Sweeps in 'Step in Time'

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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