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Festival of Lights Performance & Workshops

Alison and I are very proud of the students who performed at the 'Day of Dance' for the Festival of Lights on Sunday, after three days of rehearsals - you all danced so well! An especially big well done to students who saved the day by filling in for others who couldn't make it - particularly Anika, who learnt the Bolshoi choreography for 'Dance of the Hours' (Coppelia) in less than three hours and had it perfect on the day!!

We also had a lot of fun taking open workshops for ballet and jazz, and we hope everyone who came along enjoyed themselves, as we certainly did. Once again a big thank you to senior students Amber, Anneka, Sydney, Ella, Anika, and Charli, who volunteered to help. Now it's on to another year of dance - the studio re-opens on Monday 4 February, and if you're new this year we'll see you for Meet and Greet on Saturday 2 February. Keep a look out for an email from Alison regarding time slots.

In the meantime, here are some of the pictures myself or Glenn were able to get from the side.

Group warm-up and debriefing from Alison

Intermediate and Advanced II Ballet performed 'Dance of the Hours' from Act III of 'Coppelia'

Lovely action shot of Amber and Anika

Grade 2 Ballet perform 'Raindrops on Roses'

Grade 4 Ballet perform 'Spring Harvest'

Grade 5 Ballet perform their Silver Ballet Medal dance

Grade 4 Jazz, 'In the Summertime'

Pre-Elementary Jazz, 'Burn'

Grade 4 Jazz, 'In the Summertime'

Pre-Elementary Jazz, 'Burn'

Big finish for Pre-El

Grade 5 Jazz, 'Walking on Sunshine', and a great cat jump from Aliana below - I didn't quite manage to get Charli's aerial on camera...

Gentry's Open Contemporary class danced their concert piece, 'Intro'

Jazz Under 5 Years

Jazz Under 5 Years (and yes, I'm not wearing shoes. Long story)

Jazz 5 and Over

Anneka with Ballet 5 and Over

Ballet 5 and Over

Anneka, Amber and Sydney help Alison demonstrate

Lovely arabesque Amber

And lovely arabesques from Anneka and her mini-me

One adorable rainbow unicorn in the Jazz Under 5 class

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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