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End-of-Year Concert Part II

Here's Part II of our concert photos:

Grade 4 Ballet, 'Vivaldi's Winter'

Adult Jazz

Hip Hop

Teen Hip Hop

Juvenile Jazz I & II, with Rebekah and Becky

Reeve as Princess Fiona, 'Morning Person' Musical Theatre solo from 'Shrek the Musical'

Anneka, Lyrical solo

Amelie, Ballet solo

Elana, 'Swanhilda's Entrance' variation, 'Coppelia' Act I

Grade 1 Jazz

Grade 3 Jazz

Grade 2 Jazz

Pre-Elementary Jazz, 'Burn'

Elementary Jazz, 'Cry Me a River'

Grade 3 Ballet, 'Wind Beneath My Wings'

Grade 5 Ballet, 'Naiads in the Blue Grotto'

Charli's aerial in the finale

Finale, 'Come Alive' from 'The Greatest Showman'

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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