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Multi Ethnic Extravaganza performance 2023

Our wonderful senior students performed at the Multi Ethnic Extravaganza Saturday March 4.

They performed a Yugoslavian and Russian set of dances. Our students really enjoy performing opportunities and supporting our local community.

For this performance we ensured that the music was authentic for both countries along with the correct national dance steps/styles. The costumes were all made by one of our teachers - Selene - and she ensured that both Russian and Yugoslavian costumes were authentic/correct styles for the dances.

The headgears worn by the students who performed the Russian dance were hand embellished by Selene - and the aprons for the Yugoslavian costumes were hand embroidered.

Our students love performing for our community and showing their love of dance. They also enjoyed learning the authentic national steps for each country. Their performance was wonderful and we received lots of wonderful feedback :)

Below is a pic of our lovely seniors before they took to the stage to perform>


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