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#Throwback Thursday: Tangled Seminar

This week's #ThrowbackThursday is our 2017 Tangled seminar. For this seminar, we made props, and some the ballet students even performed a maypole dance that braided Rapunzel's 'hair' - well done to tutor Tyne for figuring out how that routine would work!

Tutor Tyne teaches the Festival of the Lanterns dance to Senior Ballet students

The Stabbington Brothers (Ella and Emily) share a chest bump while learning their routine from tutor Gentry

Flynn (Anika) practices escaping from Max (Elinor)

Tyne teaches the opening number to Sydney (Pascal) and Becky (Rapunzel)

Senior students practice the Festival of the Lanterns dance with Tyne

Gentry teaches Samantha (Mother Gothel) for 'Mother Knows Best'

Jazz and Hip Hop students learning the Bandits routine

Tyne teaches Junior Ballet's maypole routine

Kindy Ballet learn their Birds routine

Tyne and Becky help our littlest students as Birds

Rapunzel (Becky) gets cabin fever with Pascal (Sydney)

Tap students perform their Guards routine

Samantha as Mother Gothel

Elinor as Maximus the horse

Anika (Flynn) shows off her stunning leaps

Flynn (Anika) will try any trick to get away from Max (Elinor)

Emily plots while the other bandits watch

The Stabbington Brothers chase Flynn and Rapunzel

Rapunzel (Becky) and Flynn (Anika) celebrate a happy ending

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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