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Spotlight Saturday: Lucinda Dunn

This week's Spotlight Saturday is just a quick post to recognise former principal of The Australian Ballet Lucinda Dunn, who retired in 2014.

Lucinda Dunn, 'Don Quixote', The Australian Ballet

Dunn on the stage of the Prix de Lausanne

After winning the Prix de Lausanne at age 15, Dunn was offered a scholarship to The Royal Ballet School, where she graduated from in 1991. She joined The Australian Ballet in 1991, rising to become Principal in 2002. She was Australia's longest serving female dancer, spending 23 years dancing with The Australian Ballet. Dunn is now Artistic Director of the prestigious Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy in Sydney, Australia. That's a pretty impressive stage career!

Dunn at the curtain call of her farewell performance, 'Manon', The Australian Ballet

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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