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Beauty and the Beast Seminar

Last Sunday was our annual seminar, Beauty and the Beast. Tutors Selene Patterson and Akaysha Whitehead really enjoyed teaching the students and are very proud of what they achieved in five hours - well done to everyone who attended! Lets have a look at some of the many photos taken throughout the day.

The courtiers (senior ballet students) and the Prince (Ella) take part in a court dance prior to the casting of the curse

The villagers (senior ballet students) greet each other in the marketplace in 'Belle'

Senior ballet students peers over Belle's (Anika's) shoulder at her book in 'Belle'

Belle (Anika) attempts to reject the advances of Gaston (Anneka) in 'Belle'

Akaysha and Selene tutor the Senior ballet students for 'Belle'

Belle (Anika) shows off her penche in her solo as our narrator Lyn and Alison watch

Belle (Anika) learns her routine from Akaysha

The villagers (Grades 3-5 Jazz) admire Gaston's attempt in the spitting match in 'Gaston'

Gaston (Anneka) and LeFou (Keelin) lead the villagers in 'Gaston'

Selene tutors students for 'Gaston'

Finale of 'Be Our Guest' featuring the Dishes (Senior Jazz) and Lumiere (Amber)

Amber as Lumiere in 'Be Our Guest'

Our youngest students as Teacups in 'Days in the Sun', helped by Mrs. Potts (Lyrissa), Chip (Rosie) and Rebekah

Junior ballet show off their final pose for 'Days in the Sun'

Showing off their scarves

Plumette (Rosie) helps Grades 1-4 ballet in 'Something There'

Junior ballet line up for 'Something There' with Plumette (Rosie)

Finale of 'Something There'

The Prince (Ella) and Belle (Anika) dance together in 'Tale as Old as Time'

The Prince (Ella) gives Belle (Anika) a book at the end of 'Tale as Old as Time'

Hip Hop students and Junior Jazz, helped by Gaston (Anneka), LeFou (Keelin), and Selene in 'The Mob Song'

Action shot of 'The Mob Song'

Courtiers dance with Belle and the Prince in the 'Finale'

Happily Ever After: Final Poses

Singing Tutor Lisa Rangi with Senior Jazz students

Lisa runs the students through their songs

Students watch senior students while waiting for their next class

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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