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#Throwback Thursday: Wizard of Oz Seminar

For the next few weeks, #ThrowbackThursday is going to be a little different. Occasionally I will still feature a ballet, but in the lead up to this year's studio seminar (Beauty and the Beast - don't miss out!), I'll be recapping our past seminars with a few photos from the archives.

First up is our original Wizard of Oz seminar in 2002. This was the very first seminar; we had emphasis on singing as well as dancing. Enjoy this glimpse of the archives - they don't come out very often!

Rebecca as Dorothy and Tyne as Toto

Suzee narrates as the Wizard as students sing in the background

Our youngest jazz students as Munchkins

Munchkin fun

Amy as the Tinman

Kate as the Cowardly Lion

Kirby as Scarecrow

Dorothy (Rebecca) and Toto (Tyne) navigate the Wicked Forest

Our littlest ballet students as Poppies accompanied by Glinda (tiny me is in there somewhere...)

Gentry as the Wicked Witch of the West

Jazz students as the Flying Monkeys

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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