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Tutu Tuesday

Guess who's back! It's the first Tutu Tuesday of the new year - happy 2018, everyone!

I've got two fabulous things to share with you: 1) Pointe Magazine is being an absolute angel, and is streaming the full version of Scottish Ballet's The Fairy's Kiss (a ballet by Sir Kenneth MacMillan) for FREE until January 15 - check it out while you can, it's not too long and definitely worth it!

And 2) Anna Pavlova's film debut is drawing near! Yes, you read that right - legendary ballerina Anna Pavlova starred in a Hollywood film, The Dumb Girl of Portici (which simply refers to someone unable to speak in the slang of the time), in 1916, and that film has been re-touched and is being released on DVD on February 6, complete with footage of Pavlova dancing and some of her home videos for good measure. Be warned - the film is mostly acting and it is silent, though there are some dance sections in the beginning and end, and Pavlova proves herself a rather good actress. Keep an eye out for it!

In the meantime, here's Stanislava Postnova of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy as Raymonda.

- Selene

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