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October Competitions

The last competitions for the year have finished! The TFDA October competitions ran from Thursday to Sunday - well done to all students who danced! We're now moving onto our annual end of year concert - this year's theme is Dance Around the World, to be held on December 3.

It was also the last competitions for two of our senior students, Emily and Samantha. They're headed off to university next year - best of luck, girls!

Amelie in costume for her Demi Character 'Heidi'

Amber and Alice before their Jazz solos

Jazz girls: Amber, Alice, Isla, and Amelie

Anika (Russian National Dance) and Samantha (Pointe solo)

Emily's last dance at competitions: 'One Singular Sensation' Jazz from 'A Chorusline'

Demi Characters: Peter Rabbit (Estelle), Anne of Green Gables (Paige), Ladybird (Sahara), Easter Bunny (Natalie), Graduation Ball (Brooke), and Bathing Belle (Eden)

Felecia after her Jazz solo

Jazz girls: Estelle, Katie, Danica, Eden, and Felecia

Riley (and her proud dad) with the cup she won for her Jazz solo

Charlotte and Anika before their Ballet solos

Anike in costume for her Pointe solo

Tap Troupe (with Anneka, Isla, and Alice - and a cameo from Rebekah)

Samantha's last dance at competitions: her Demi Character 'Maria' from 'West Side Story'

Leavers' Presentation: all the students who are in their last year of school/dance are presented with flowers at the end of their final competition - Emily and Samantha in centre

Brooke dressed for her Russian National

Peyton before her Barefoot solo 'Tuscany Rose'

Demi Characters are great fun: Amber as Tigger and Anneka as Charlie Chaplin

Sahara in her gorgeous new tutu (with a special cameo)

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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