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Hawera Dance Competitions

We've just finished five days of competitions in Hawera. All the girls danced very well with some good results, and now it's time for a short break before the TFDA October Competitions next week. Here's a few pictures:

Estelle, Danica, and Katie before their Jazz solos

Bayly ready for her new Musical Theatre 'Mother Gothel' from Tangled - well done on your 3rd, Bayly

Danica's brand new jazz costume, courtesy of June Butt from One White Swan

Anneka before her Tap solo

Emily ready for her Contemporary solo

Anika and Becky before their Contemporary solos

Emily and Samantha in their Jazz costumes

Senior Lyrical girls watching each other dance from side of stage

Bridget and Bayly ready for Jazz

Lyrical girls: Charlotte, Becky, Anika, and Samantha

Becky, Samantha, and Emily before their Lyrical solos

Reeve and Amelie ready for their Jazz solos

Anika got a 3rd for her Barefoot solo 'Lonely Looking Sky' - well done

Dance friends: Marianne from LGS with Anika, Charlotte, and Becky

Barefoot girls: Aliana, Sahara, Estelle, and Danica

Peyton dressed for her Barefoot solo

Waiting for their Ballet Impromptu: Brooke, Peyton, Estelle, Aliana, and Danica

Senior Demi-Character: Anika as Scarecrow from 'The Wizard of Oz', and Samantha as Maria from 'West Side Story'

Elana, Anneka, and Lyrissa in their beautiful tutus for their Ballet solos

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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