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End-of-Year Concert

We had our end-of-year concert at Highlands Intermediate Hall last Sunday; as well as being the finale to another year, it was the celebration of 25 years of Alison's Studio of Dance! Quite an achievement for Alison, who also celebrated becoming an official IDTA examiner earlier this year. (long post warning! - more pictures can be found on our Facebook page).

To celebrate, myself and several other former 'senior girls' of the studio surprised Alison with flowers, a cake made by Alison's assistant teacher Rebekah, and some lovely speeches before the dancing began.

Myself, Rebekah, Glenn (Alison's husband and MC), Akaysha, Rebecca, Tyne, Alana, Courtney, Alison, and Gentry - thank you all for coming!

Senior student Kate, who is leaving for university next year, performs her awesome Musical Theatre solo 'Friend Like Me' from 'Aladdin' to start the concert

Senior students Samantha and Courtney help our littlest dancers with their mermaid routine

Preprimary ballet perform their class dance 'Off to the Beach'

Primary ballet dance to 'Tangled', helped by Courtney, who is also leaving for university next year

Our second group of Kindy ballet dancing to 'Frozen', helped by Courtney and Kate

The Thursday Preprimary and Primary ballet classes combined, helped by Rebekah and Courtney

Grade 5 Jazz hit their final pose

Grade 4 Jazz finish their routine; they also performed their group dance, which was placed First at Labour Weekend Competitions

Grade 1 Jazz hit the final pose of their class dance 'We Will Rock You' (which is now so old almost everyone in the studio knows it, whether they take Jazz or not...)

Our Hip Hop Trio perform the dance they were placed Second for at Labour Weekend Competitions

Danica performs her Jazz solo, 'Sugar, Sugar'

Isla performs her Jazz solo, 'Can You Feel It'

Lovely shot of senior student Samantha performing her lyrical, 'Say Something'

Intermediate Ballet, some of whom danced on pointe for the first time

Grade 3 Ballet

Grade 1 Ballet

Juvenile Jazz 1, helped by Rebekah and Emily

Grade 2 Ballet

Juvenile Jazz 2, helped by Rebekah and Emily

Elementary Jazz, in mid-flight

Our wonderful Adult Jazz class in 'Grease Lightning', including Krystal, one of Alison's original students

Advanced I and Advanced II Ballet perform their neo-classical, Balanchine-inspired dance to 'Alice in Wonderland'

Our lovely Adult Ballet ladies

Brooke performing her Russian National Dance

Advanced II Jazz dancing to 'Just Like Fire', from 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'

Our Tap Class performing their class medal dance

Katie performing her ballet solo

Hip Hop Teens dance to 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

The Hip Hop Girls class perform to 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

The Hip Hop Boys class perform to music from 'Star Wars'

Grade 2 Jazz perform M-Bop (which is almost as old as 'We Will Rock You')

Grade 3 Jazz mid-swing

Felecia performing her Barefoot solo, 'Harvest Moon'

Charlotte performing her lyrical, 'Never Let Me Go'

Bella looking stunning with her Barefoot solo, 'Midnight'

Grade 5 Ballet

Grade 4 Ballet

And our wonderful finale, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of 'The Sound of Music' - more importantly, did you see Courtney's triple pirouette?

That's all from us - the studio is closed until February, but if you have any queries or wish to enrol, please message Alison either on this website, through Facebook, or call (06) 753 4914. I'm sticking around till Christmas, so check back on Thursday for the next update.

(If you made it to the end, kudos to you).

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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