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Christmas Parade

The New Plymouth Christmas Parade went ahead last Saturday evening during a fortunately timed fine spell - we missed the rain by a few hours! Our float looked amazing - thank you to all the students and especially the parent helpers. We hope you saw our four little reindeers escorting Santa as well! Here's some photos of our students taken by myself or one of their parents. Enjoy!

Alison organising the students into their places at the studio

Getting into place on the truck

Grade 2 ballet and Juvenile Jazz students posing for the cameras

Our wonderful senior student helpers - Becky, Courtney, Emily and Rebecca

Two of our angels - Elle and Felecia

All of the students posing for the camera

Some of our Reindeers in pride of place on Santa's sleigh - Azalia

Waiting for Santa to appear!

Our reindeer get to meet Santa Claus

We're on the move!

Well on the way - photobombed by Glenn

Meeting friends on the way

Big smile from Alice

Rebekah handing out sweets as we go down Devon Street

The Grade 1 Jazz girls and the angels

Reeve and Anneka keeping warm and posing for the camera

High-fives from a very happy audience was a common occurrence

- Selene

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