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Labour Weekend Dance Competitions

Last weekend saw the last dance competitions of the year at 4th Wall Theatre in New Plymouth. All our students danced well, and despite a hard judge, got some great results! I've included some photos taken by Alison and Rebekah - last competitions until Easter next year! Time for ballet exams...

Our Under 12 Jazz Group placed First - well done girls!

Amber and Bayly sorting out their final pose for the group

Kate, Samantha, and Becky all ready for their Lyricals

Kate's last ever competitions - and a Third in the Lyrical to finish off with!

Anika placed First in her Ballet - great work!

Hip Hop Trio ready to roll - they placed Second!

Amelie and Anneka dressed for their Ballets, and Olivia dressed for her new variation - Prelude from 'Les Sylphides'

Bella, placed VHC, and Aliana, placed C, dressed for their Barefoots, 'Midnight' and 'Magnolia Time'

Six gorgeous ballerinas, from back left: Katie, Danica, and Aliana; from front left: Bella, Natalie, and Estelle

Our newest ballerinas ready to dance, from back left: Sahara, Peyton, Felecia (in white), and Eden

Eden in costume for her new Demi Character 'Bathing Belle', with the trophy she won for her Barefoot 'Evening Star' - well done!

Sophia, Amber, and Bayly all dressed for their Jazz solos

And our Senior students dressed for the Variation class, from left: Samantha as Kitri from 'Don Quixote', Anika as the Sylph from 'La Sylphide', and Becky as Niriti from 'Le Talisman'

If you made it to the end, well done! Apologies for the long post...

- Selene

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