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Dance Competitions Are Over!

The Hawera dancing competitions wrapped up this morning after four days of beautiful dancing. We're extremely proud of all of the students who performed - all of that hard work paid off!

Below, I've posted some of the pictures that Alison, Rebekah, and students' parents managed to get of the dancers.

In other news, World Ballet Day is getting ever closer! To watch the livestream, go to on Tuesday, 4 October for some truly fabulous dancing - previous years have featured dancer interviews, company classes, rehearsals for ballets such as Sir Frederick Ashton's The Two Pigeons, and once, we were treated to a full performance of Don Quixote by the Dutch National Ballet! The Australian Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Royal Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, and the San Francisco Ballet will each broadcast live throughout the day - you can also watch the lifestream via Facebook or each company's individual YouTube account.

Here's Estelle, Brooke, and Hannah dressed for their Barefoot Impromptus

Brooke performing her Russian National Dance

Estelle performing her Barefoot solo, 'Summertime Dreams'

Vicky ready for her new Hip Hop solo; Charlotte, Lyrissa, and Elana dressed for their new Lyricals

Kate was placed Commended for her Contemporary and Very Highly Commended for her Lyrical - here dressed for her Contmeporary - and Charlotte, ready for her Jazz solo

Musical Theatre solos this morning - Kate as Genie from Aladdin (Very Highly Commended) and Alice as Barnum

Anneka with the Aggregate Cup for her age group - placed First in Demi Character, Second in National Dance, and Third in both Barefoot and Ballet solo. Well done!!

Anneka as her new Demi Character, Charlie Chaplin

Alice, Danica, and Katie ready for Jazz Impromptus and Jazz solos

Danica, Katie, Brooke, and Natalie in costume for their Ballet solos

Bayly and Alice in costume for their Jazz solos (sorry about the bad quality - the lighting isn't very good backstage!)

Isla backstage after her Jazz solo

Sydney and Amelie ready for their Ballet solos - Sydney won her National Dance this week, and got the cup for Most Authentic National Costume - well done!!

Other highlights include the duos this morning - Lyrissa and Elana placed Third, and Abby and Olivia placed Very Highly Commended. Senior girl Anika placed Second on Tuesday night with her new lyrical, and Estelle placed Second three times this week, and was placed Very Highly Commended in her first ever Ballet Championship. We've also had a lot of Very Highly Commendeds, Highly Commendeds, and Commendeds! Well done to everyone - keep up the good work!

(And if you made it to the end of my rather long post, congratulations to you too).

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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