An Update

You may have noticed that I've been conspicuously absent from the blog for the last few months. My busy schedule has changed from sewing competition costumes (an example can be seen below, since it turned out much better than I expected and Amber was so happy) to readings, presentations, essays, and a thesis... Having decided to do Honours in Classics this year, my spare time is little to non-existent, so my regular updates on the blog have been postponed to the point of cancellation. However, I will still be posting updates on the studio itself when I can, and occasionally I may post thesis updates, since my topic is 'Classical Influence on the Development of Ballet, 1842-1912', and I'll be focusing on Giselle, The Awakening of Flora, and Afternoon of Faun. You might hear more about those in the near future, but until then -

Thanks for reading!


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