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End-of-Year Concert Part 1

Another concert over and done with! Many thanks to all our parent helpers - we really couldn't do it without you. Well done to all the students, you all danced beautifully! Now time for a well-deserved Christmas break before we're back into rehearsals for the Festival of Lights (if your class is participating, your parents have been contacted). Also best wishes to senior ballet student Becky, who will be attending Victoria University next year.

Becky, 'Gold Fairy' Variation, 'The Sleeping Beauty' Act III

Saturday Preschool Movement, 'Mermaids and Starfish', with Elana and Lyrissa

Weekday Preschool Movement, 'Rainbow Fairies', with Anneka and Rebekah

Saturday Preprimary Ballet with Elana and Lyrissa

Saturday Primary Ballet, 'Rainbow Connection', with Elana and Lyrissa

Thursday Preprimary Ballet, 'Snowflakes', with Anneka and Rebekah

Thursday Primary Ballet with Anneka and Rebekah

Grade 5 Jazz, 'Summertime'

Grade 4 Jazz

Teen Jazz with Rebekah

Open Contemporary

Fun Tap, 'Singin' in the Rain'

Paige, 'Pearl Haze' Barefoot solo

Aliana, 'Polish Ribbon Festival' National solo

Sahara, 'Ladybird' Demi Character

Adult Ballet

Intermediate Ballet, 'Dance of the Hours' from Act III of Coppelia

This was a piece of real ballet and a great achievement for the girls

Advanced I and Advanced II Ballet, 'Rose Pas de Quatre' and 'Coda' from 'The Awakening of Flora'

'The Awakening of Flora' is a rare one-act ballet almost never seen outside of Russia, where it is the favourite graduation piece of the Vaganova Academy

Saturday Grade 1 Ballet, 'Flower Nymphs' with Elana and Lyrissa

Thursday Grade 1 Ballet

Grade 2 Ballet, 'My Favourite Things'

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for part II!

- Selene

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