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Jazz Exams

This week we had Miss Warren come to the studio to examine the Jazz students for their Grade exams. Senior student Emily also sat her Solo Diploma. Miss Warren loved watching the students, and we're very proud of their hard work.

Here are some pictures which Alison managed to get:

Above and below: Grade 1 and 2 warming up

Above: Grade 1; Below: Grade 3 practice their combinations

Above: Grade 4; Below: Grade 3

Above: Grade 3; Below: Grade 2

Above: Grade 4; Below: Grade 5

Above and below: Pre-Elementary

Senior students Emily, Becky, and Elinor warm up for their exams

Ella, Charlotte, and Anika pose before their Intermediate exam

Senior student Emily in costume for her Solo Diploma exam; Above: Contemporary; Below: Jazz

Thanks for reading!

- Selene

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