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Ballet Exams: Part One

Exams are done and dusted! Miss Robinson was very impressed, and we're very proud of all our students' hard work. Results should be here within a few weeks, but in the meantime, here's a few of the many photos Alison and I took on the day. Apologies in advance for the long post (there will be a part two as well!). This was the last exam session of the year, and now we're moving on to our next big events - the New Plymouth Christmas Parade next weekend, and then our annual concert on December 11! Time to get out all our sparkly costumes again...

Courtney warming up for her Advanced II ballet exam on Thursday morning

And here's Alison photobombing Courtney during her plies...

Courtney ready to go in for her last exam...

Some of our lovely Grade Three students, Niquitta, Bryah, and Bella

The Preprimary students posing for the camera!

Fun with dance friends while waiting to see Miss Robinson

Eden, Elle, and Felecia about to go in for their Grade One exam

Sian, Deja, and Taya ready for Primary ballet

Practising their Primary class dance, 'Jack and Jill'

Chloe and Sahara practising their Grade One work to warm up

Brooke and Estelle just before their Grade Two exam - beautiful smiles!

Grade Two practising their class variation

Alison fixing Danica's ribbons before her exam

Alison giving Katie and Danica a few last minute tips before their Grade Two exam

Stay tuned for Part Two!

- Selene

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