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Welcome to Term 3!

Time for a news roundup!

Term 3 started off on a high note. The medals and certificates from our recent Medal Tests and Senior Ballet Grades arrived during the school holidays and the students received these in class. Congratulations to all the students who sat exams!

We also have some very exciting news - after months of fundraising, the first of our new mirrors has gone up in Studio B! A big thank you to everyone who donated, and especially to Alan Low Glazing for offering their services free of charge. We're looking forward to the other mirrors being put up shortly, and curtains are currently being measured. Studio B looks great already.

New mirrors in Studio B (with a cameo appearance by Alison)

Yesterday (Saturday 30 July), some of our competition students performed at the Special Needs Extravaganza 2016 at TSB Stadium. The studio has been performing at the event for several years now. A big thank you to all the students for representing the studio and dancing so beautifully. The following are all Alison's Studio of Dance students, photos courtesy of Alison or students' parents.

Isabella performing her barefoot solo, 'Starlight'

Katie performing her ballet in her lovely pink tutu

Faith performing her new jazz solo

Amelie performing her demi character, 'Bathing Belle'

Brooke performing her Russian national dance

Danica performing her jazz solo, 'Sugar Sugar'

Estelle performing her barefoot, 'Summertime Dreams'

Sydney performing her ballet solo in her beautiful blue tutu

Tyla performing her hip hop solo

Amber performing her demi character, 'Tigger'

And a bonus shot of Amber - look how high this Tigger can bounce!

If you made it through all those photos, thanks for reading!

- Selene

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